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We have been manufacturing upvc windows and doors at our factory in Coventry for over 27 years.

Our windows are manufactured at our factory from a high quality five chamber profile. Fully reinforced with recyclable reinforcing, our windows are manufactured by highly experienced fabricators. We take every care and attention to ensure that your windows are manufactured to the highest standard before they leave our factory.

Our glass units comprise of Planitherm Total + low e glass, warmedge spacer bar and argon gas filling (A+2Rated only). The combination of this and our five chamber profile and warm reinforcing enables us to achieve u-values as low as 1.37.

Our A+2 rated window has been tested, and is licenced with BFRC. We are independently audited every year, so you can be sure that you are receiving the energy rating ordered. 

As all of our windows are made to order, if there is something you need that you cannot see on our site please call or email us with your enquiry. The style of windows available is almost limitless but we can advise you on the alternatives if it is not possible.